2022 Adult Intermediate Classes

Our adult golf programs are great for any adults, from those looking to take up golf for the first time, those looking to get back to the basics of the game or those who are ready to take their game to the next level.

Level 3: Let’s Keep Golf Going - $99

4 1-hour classes

Have you taken golf classes in the past or are you a graduate of “Give Golf a Try”? Then you are ready for this class! You will get more knowledge of the main aspects of the game and cover a few things you have not yet learned. Graduates now have the option to go to a 3rd level class to keep their education going!

Most people sign up for the first 2 classes together. This ensures a 7- week amazing golf program.

Week 1: Chipping        Week 2: Full Swing Irons        Week 3: Pitching      Week 4: Driver

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Lower My Scores!!! -- $140

Lower My Scores is taught by an MCG Certified Instructor or Higher

4 - 1-hour classes – Smaller Class Size

Ready to focus on getting better? Then Lower my Score is the class for you. It is designed for players who consistently shoot under 100 and would enjoy learning in a group atmosphere to get even better. Our high-level instructors have the experience to help you identify and fine tune those troublesome areas in your game. This is a great class to participate in all seasons long. You can sign up at the same location, session after session, or even enroll at each of the 3 courses that offer the class. Either experience is guaranteed to show the improvements you need to meet your goals!

Week 1: Putting  |  Week 2: Irons  |  Week 3: Wedges & Pitching  |  Week 4: Woods

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