Fall Junior Tour

Fall Junior Tour (Ages 9-11, 12-13, 14-17) Includes The Following Tournaments:

Individuals signing up for the tour will play all 3 courses at the specified dates listed below.

October 21 – Rattlewood Golf Course

October 28 – Golf at The Crossvines Course

November 4- Falls Road Golf Course

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The MCG Junior Tour Is For Advanced Players Only

Parents and coaches are not allowed to assist the golfers during the tournament. Each participant must be proficient in scoring, understanding of the rules, golf course etiquette, and maintain a proper pace of play. If a golfer cannot adhere to these expectations, then they will be liable for removal from future tournaments.

Maximum Tournament Yardages

​(It is expected that all players can easily play to a score of 90 or under from these yardages to participate)

  • Boys & Girls 9-11: 900 yards

  • Boys 12-13: 5800 yards

  • Girls 12-13: 5500 yards

  • Boys 14-17: 6600 yards

  • Girls 14-17: 6000 yards

* Boys and girls are paired together and compete against each other
* Players must be between 9-17 years old at the time of the tournament. No exceptions.

MCG Junior Tour Policies and Procedures

  • Rules: Players must know and follow the USGA rules of golf. Any local rules will be announced prior to the tournament round.

  • Dress Code: Only acceptable golf attire is permitted.

  • Ties: All ties will be based upon a match of cards based on the number one handicap hole until the tie is broken.

  • Pace of Play: All groups will be expected to keep up with the group in front of them. At the point a group is more than one entire hole, you are out of position and will be asked to move up to the correct position. All players in the group will receive double par for the hole that was skipped.

  • Conduct: MCG will not tolerate any inappropriate conduct by players. Any inappropriate behavior will result in immediate disqualification from the MCG Tour for the remainder of the season. The host professional has sole responsibility in the decision for disqualification.

  • Caddies: Permitted for ages 9-11 ONLY.

  • Spectators: Permitted to spectate from the rough only.


Terms & Conditions

The MCG Academy Cancellation Policy for all group programming is as follows: All Junior Tour registration and event fees are non-refundable. No changes may be made after the time of purchase. 



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