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MCG Academy Get started in golf!

Level 1: GIVE GOLF A TRY- $75.00

Classes: 1-day per week for 3 weeks, classes are 1 hour long - class size: 8 golfers

Join our Adult Group Golf Program and learn the fundamentals of the game with a group of fellow new golfers. Our beginner-friendly class covers the basics of the golf swing and answers all of your golf-related questions, giving you a solid foundation to start your golf journey.

Week 1: Putting Basics    Week 2: Irons     Week 3: Woods

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Level 2: GET BETTER AT GOLF- $99.00

Classes: 1-day per week for 4 weeks, classes are 1 hour long - class size: 8 golfers

Enhance your golf game and experience with our Adult Group Golf Programs in Maryland. Our classes will help you acquire additional golfing skills, knowledge of the main aspects of the game, gain more confidence, and enjoyment on the course. Graduates will be able to practice with purpose and see improvement in their game.

Most people sign up for the first 2 classes together. This ensures a 7- week amazing golf program.

Week 1: Chipping          Week 2: Develop “YOUR” Swing  
 Week 3:  Hybrids & FWY Wood        Week 4:Precise Putting (Distance & Direction)


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Level 3: GROW YOUR GAME - $149.00

Classes: 1-day per week for 4 weeks, classes are 1 hour long -
class size: 6 golfers


Take your golf game to the next level with our adult group golf classes near you. Our Adult Group Program will provide in-depth instruction on all aspects of the game, help you become a well-rounded golfer, and improve your ability to play better golf!

Serious golfers can continue to fine-tune their game in the final stage of instruction by requesting more information on next steps from their instructor.

Week 1: Longer Drives     Week 2: Complete Wedge Game  

Week 3: Advanced Swings    Week 4: Advanced Putting (Reading Greens & Drills)

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                                           Prerequisite: Level 1 or 2                                 

Level 4: LOWER MY SCORES!! -

(Instructor-Based Pricing) Starting at $279.00

Classes: 1-day per week for 5 weeks, classes are 1 hour long - class size: 4 golfers 

Our Lower My Score Program teaches every student how to score better, how to think on the course, and how to practice at a higher level. During your 5 classes with your coach you will recieve a complete on-course assessment and a personalized practice plan. Improve your score and overall golf game with our Adult Group Training Program training programs near Washington D.C.

Week 1: On-Course Assessment        Week 2: Putting + Chipping           

Week 3: Pitching    Week 4: Consistent Contact w/Irons  

Week 5: Keeping The Ball In Play Off The Tee

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